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    Hello everybody!
    I am now designing my mast for my 7,5 meter high performance sport boat and i am looking for advice. I am currently using force resolution on the mast as framework to calcultate maximum compression.
    But my mast differs from the ones we have learnt to design. first of all, my mast is basically a 49er rig scaled up to fit a 7,5 meter sport boat. This means that it will have a lot of initial deflection and bending properties. my cap shroud goes only through the upper spreader and then down to a fore/aft track like on the Melges 20 as means for depowering. Furthermore, my lower shrouds are more like gooseneck shrouds and does not go up to the first spreader. any advice?

    how do i define the panel heights in the force resolution? do i use the distance between the spreaders? or between the shroud attachment points?
    how do i cope with the assymetric gennakker loads? surely this will add to the compression on the mast?
    any particular advice on carbon masts? or any good resources on standard carbon sections with their properties?
    my mast will be custom made and taper from directly underneath the first spreader and all the way to the top. the mast is split in two at this point for ease of transportation.

    thank you very much!

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