Adjustable propeller pitch for surface pircing propeller

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by Christian Lucas, Jun 27, 2020.

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    something different, how can you make the propeller pitch adjustable for a semi-submersible propeller without the propeller blades having to be movable?
    Here are a few pictures, in the case of semi-submersible propellers, only the blades that are immersed in the water are relevant for the drive. If two opposing propellers are placed next to each other, you can lift the propwalk on the one hand, but you can also adjust the angle of the valley to the straight line of travel as viewed in the angle of attack. Since it would be a bit cumbersome to adjust the whole propeller shaft, it is best to use two Arneson Drives. You have to remove the Skeg fins and put a rudder blade between the propellers.
    Now you can adjust the propeller inflow at an angle and thus have the option to start with flatter propellers for better acceleration and then to switch to a higher propeller pitch to be able to reach a higher top speed. In order to relieve the joints at maximum performance, the drives are installed at an angle so that the couplings have to achieve as little angle compensation as possible on a steep incline. See the pictures of the drive in the boat.

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    You are not changing the pitch, only the direction of the thrust. As a result, the forward thrust will be reduced and the drag increased.
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