Adding sail & maintaining the CE balance!

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    Hi Y'all
    I should apoligize for being so stupid. At age 61 I am finding that I make more and more mistakes every day. When I was a young man I rearely if ever made a mistake. I am not half the man I once was. I got to thinking about my sail situation. I placed the main mast in the correct location acording to the designer's drawings, but mistakenly located the mizzen approx 14" too far aft. This meant the space between the masts became larger then should be , resulting in the main CE moving aft. Also mizzen sails CE would move aft. Then it dawned on me to counter this I just need to add a bow sprit. I couldn't have made a more perfect error if I tried. The Big Guy upstairs must be looking out for me. New calc's indicate S/D w/100% foretriangle = 15.8, Hull speed 8.4 kts and speed estimated with 88hp= 10 kts, S/D with 150% genoa= 19.3, D/L=206. Should end up being a decent ocean cruiser. It won't win any races but with full feathering prop should be OK. I achieved a great ending but sure took the circuitious route to get there.
    Have a Great Day!
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