ABS Classification Rules for Rubber Expansion Joint

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by Tian Ai, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Tian Ai New Member

    Dear All,

    I m an expansion joint manufacturers and are now supplying a batch of expasion joint to the Jackup.

    This batch of Rubber Expansion Joint is for installing onto the seawater circulating piping system in the engine room and machinery space.

    Before we send in the request to class approved our product, ABS mentioned to us clearly the type of documents to be submitted will be as follows:

    1) Oil Resistance Properties Test Report
    2) Detail Drawings with Layers of Reinforcement
    3) Hydro Test and Burst Pressure Test Report
    4) Past Project Reference

    But when we submitted our designs for their review, they have come back with comments on one extra request, that is for my bellows to be flame retardant.

    We have actually check with them several times whether bellows installed fro the Seawater Circulating System needs to be flame retardent and they have mentioned to us its not a need. And its not stated anywhere in the Rules and Regulations.

    The Engineer in charge says he did a cross reference with the Flexible Hoses & plastic pipe which is totally different product as expansion joint.

    Therefore I will like to check out with anyone out there whether have you all came acroos any issuses like that which we manufacturers need to comply with rules which is not in stated in the rule book.

    The principal engineer has mentioned if there was a cross reference with hoses, the rules books must specific cleary.

    I will also like to know if they decide on a rule change is there any other thing I can do? as the expansion joint has been manufacture, and the flame retardant test takes time.

    Hope to receive favourable reply from anyone out there.

    Thank you!
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    victorship WebMember

    I am not sure, but i think that, it is very complicated to change the rule... but possible, if you have the valid fundamental for your proposal modification.

    considering your job in question. you only need to do all the proyect certified, in other words eg. if you have any new element/ non ABS material. you need to prove/certify with a most simple recognized method. With the surveyor and technical department.

  3. Aasish
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    Aasish New Member

    Expansion Bellows

    The expansion ellows has to be fire retardant.Especially if they are used for S.W lines in E/n room.

    You can give a fire protective cover and need not to make the bellow material iself fire retardant.It will be acceptable.

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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Tian Ai

    If it is very clear, that it is not in the rules, for type approval, then suggest you go higher and ignore the local surveyor. Since it could well be just one of "his personal dislikes" rather than an actual rule. I've come across many surveyors like that in the past, all a pain and do not like to be questioned. They act like little Hitler's...if so, just ask for the rule that he says it does not comply with and/or go higher up the food chain!
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