A note about Acrylics

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    In the last few years there have been some developments in the use of acrylics on boats that designers should be aware of. The two most important ones are:

    1. Hard coating. The surface can now be hardcoated to the point that the windshield or window becomes immune to chemicals, the number one enemy of acrylics (Windex). This hard coating has become good enough to allow the use of windshield wipers.

    2. There are new formulations in acrylic sheets that block out 99% of uv and 20-45% of IR. This greatly helps yacht air conditioning systems as well as precluding the fading of interiors. Since many hullside window systems are now bonded directly to the hull, the UV Blocker makes it possible to dispense withthe frit if it interferes with cosmetics.
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