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    Over the past year, there have been a lot of exciting things going on at Westlawn:

    Westlawn alumnus Rodger Martin has engineered much of the installation of an incredible outdoor exhibit of the America3-America’s Cup challenge, at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Rodger was part of the America3 team. For more information see:


    Westlawn has affiliated with Mystic Seaport museum, a move that opens Mystic Seaport’s vast resources to Westlawn. (This is in addition the the massive resources of ABYC and NMMA already available to Westlawn.) For more information see:


    Westlawn's website address has been changed to “www.westlawn.edu.” The “.edu” URL is only available to fully accredited institutions. For more information see:


    Don't forget to change your browser links.

    Westlawn alumni have been deeply involved in the current South African America’s Cup challenge (among others). For more information see our testimonials page:


    Westlawn’s 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee was a smash success. For more information see:


    Explore www.westlawn.edu for much more about Westlawn.

    Dave Gerr
    Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
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