A Houseboat on the cheap

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Janemarie, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Kashmir houseboats

    Kashmir houseboats are associated closely with the valley's culture and traditions. A brilliant idea that started from constructing small boats was later revolutionized with transforming these boats into spacious modern styled floating hotels. houseboats are all made of the finest cedar wood that follows with intricate walnut wood carvings, paneled walls and tiled baths. Our boats are categorized in the super deluxe category and each boat has an assorted number of three to four bedrooms with a private bath and wash room.
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    How cheaply are you able to build one of these? Do you have photos of one of yours being built and a total what you spent to build it?
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    You might be interested in getting the book "Handmade Houseboats--Independent Living Afloat" by Russell Conder, who covers a lot of the design, construction and life style of living in a small houseboat. You can get it at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Houseboats-Independent-Living-Afloat/dp/0071580220.

    The few things that you need to live independently and greenly are:

    1) A good supply of fresh water (rain water or desalinated water--small desalinators are available for yachts).

    2) An environmentally friendly way to deal with black water and sewage. A lot of people are using composting toilets on boats these days, and a few very reliable brands are on the market. If you want one that is a little more natural, Marine Dragonfly makes a neat system that is appropriate for houseboats: http://www.dragonflymarine.com/.

    3) Reliable electricity which is easily accomplished with wind generators and solar panels. A small diesel generator can be on hand for emergencies and occasional battery top up. You can have both 120V AC as well as 12-24V DC on board. If you need propulsion for maneuvering from time to time, electric propulsion is the way to go. There are a number of suppliers of electric propulson motors, one being Elco Motoryachts: http://www.elcomotoryachts.com/.

    Good luck with your venture.

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    houseboat in cheap price

    you can design your boat same as srinagar houseboats, these are good and cheap in price, you can see or find many different different types of houseboats in dal lake. so before buying any houseboat plz visit srinagar at once to know the internal beauty of the houseboats. find any kashmirtourism.org kashmir tour packages to visit in kashmir.
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    I love it. The only thing missing is a confederate flag & it'll top off the whole "redneck" theme.

    That looks like it would be more fun without the camper. Like a double-decker swim platform. Just add a BBQ grill & a stereo system.
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    I always gotta laugh at that name.

    A couple hundred miles south of there is another lake in Bolivia called "Lake Poopo".

    Those floating islands look cool though.

    Has anyone heard anything about a family called the "Floating Neutrinos" in the past several years? The last I heard they were planning some kind of big floating island type thing they were going to sail around the world with, rescuing children from 3rd world countries or something.

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    From http://www.southamerica.cl/Peru/Floating_Islands.htm


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