8m x 3m power cat

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by FadeDude, May 2, 2012.

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    Hey Guys.

    I posted a thread there quite some time ago, abotu designing my own cat... needless to say, I quickly got the , not anyone can "design" a boat theme...

    I have since come to undertand myself, that I want to "build" my own boat, and design my own "look", maybe that makes more sense...

    I essentially want to do a displacement hull, as I want good fuel economy, and a smooth ride... speed is not SUCH a big issue, but displacment cats can reach good speeds right?

    I am really contemplating taking two racing canoes and scaling them up! What I am a bit baffled about is how to structually secure the two hulls...

    I can imagine myself just starting and building a hull, but am not so sure about securing them, properly, so that I dont drown myself of my family... :)

    I want a big platform, that one can relax on and ahve a good time with friends, dive, fish etc... and a form of a cabin at least, maybe 4 people, one double berth and two singles... ?

    I am thinking of getting a donor hull, and just constructing my project on top of it. But most I can find look like planing hulls... I am not plannign on putting on a huge motor...



    That looks like an attractive starting point, but it looks HEAVY, and plainign, and I really want a propepr tunnel.

    My wants are:

    • +/- 8m x 3m
    • Trailorable
    • low draught
    • maximize space
    • sexy! - uhm, good looking (I can handle that)
    • usability
    • flexibility
    • innovation - I can handle that (solar etc etc)
    • small motors
    • sea worthy

    I like:


    I REALLY like this http://www.supercat.co.za/sliver_29.htm

    but with a layout, like this : http://www.supercat.co.za/images/Sliver_Alternates/Lower_Drive_(6).jpg

    Can anyone help me with my needs?!?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. CatBuilder

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    Ah, a fun one... conceptual.

    That is a wise decision. I did the exact same thing. Bought a design, then modified the cosmetics and layout to achieve the boat I wanted. The best way to go if the boat in your head is not for sale as ready-made plans.

    Absolutely. Displacement hull catamarans can make excellent speeds. I don't know if your goal is to fly (20+ knots) or to get a good speed with high fuel efficiency, though. Which is it?

    The canoes may or may not be the right shape. Most regular canoes would end up being too beamy for any efficiency. Why don't you take a good beach catamaran's hulls and scale those up?

    Now wait a second... didn't you say at the top of the post that you were going to build your own boat by taking a design and modifying it? The design you buy will already include the scantlings for your cross beams. Why don't you have those scantlings in the design you bought? Or... are you actually just designing your own boat?? :confused::confused:

    The easy answer is you need to buy some plans.
    Watch out for the displacement if you put your own house on top of any existing boat.

    Ok, I have to ask... and I am doing this out of "tough love" - what the hell is wrong with you, man?!? :)

    The plans for this one you linked to that you really like are $290!!


    Just buy the plans and start building it!!!!
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    Agreed, I've seen the ECO Cat, this boat's little sister, and spoken with the fella that built the one on the designers webpage. The ECO looks great and does everything it's designer claims.
    There is a photo of this boat on the designers website. http://ikarus342000.com/ECOmotorboat.htm
    Note, Internet Explorer won't work on this page but Chrome will.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the interest!

    And yes, after reading your posts, I also don;t know why I jsut did not go for the ikarus ECO 75 plans. I have since decided, the ECO 75 it will be. Thanks for the eye opener. And the ECO 75's draft is 0,226m .. that is, quite simply, awesome.

    I have an entirely new problem now... will post a link to the new thread...

    thanks dudesss!!
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    Did you build it?

  8. fallguy
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    Make sure to review Richard Wood's Skoota 24. A very nice boat. Folding for plenty of beam and trailerability.
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