86 Tuffy Bass and Marauder rebuild

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    Ok, here it goes. First time posting here and my first fiberglass boat rebuild. I gutted the boat down to the fiberglass skin. Exterior is painted and basically finished at this point. Interior has been prepped and is in the building stage, one stringer is set and tabbed in. I am using raka epoxy and all wood for the build has had 3-4 coats of resin before glassing.
    Where I think that I screwed up has been my transom, which is not installed yet, however, I used 2 pieces of 3/4 ply with an additional 1/2 ply sandwiched in between using thickened epoxy as the bond. In my excitement to get the transom finished, I neglected to take into consideration of tabbing it into the boat and having it built up with cloth and glass for that additional 1/2 inch to get me my 2 inch thick transom. Soooooo, I'm pretty sure that will have to be redone?
    Also, if I sandwich 2 pieces of 3/4 ply together, should I put a layer of 1700 in the middle?
    I appreciate any advice that may be out there, and it's probably very likely that other questions will follow. Thank you.
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