8 Meter Day Sailer

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by landbound, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Thanks Eric fascinating read.
  2. Alex.A
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    Pod cat? Simple hulls with nothing in them.....
  3. outside the box

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    Pod Cat

    Would you mean something like this?

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  4. Doug Lord
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    That is impressive!
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    To Outside the box

    I could have sworn I'd seen that cat on the Gold Coast Australia recently. Very nice looking boat.
  6. jamez
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    That pod-cat looks great. Do you know what design is it?
  7. outside the box

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    You would probably have seen it it was down south when we looked at purchasing it so someone probably took it North.
    I think the owner built it up over time no idea what design it was.
  8. Angélique
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    There's a phone nr. - from NZ or Oz? - So why not ask the previous seller for info ? *


    * and please post it here . . :)

    Good Luck!
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  9. outside the box

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    It was down South Auz can't remember where. Would probably have old emails somewhere if you are really that interested.
  10. landbound
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    Reply to Eric Sponberg

    Thank you for your reply. Lucid, informative and equally depressing. You have practically convinced me what I want is not doable - at least in sensible cost terms. I guess what this means that Bi-planes and Hobie Bravo's aside we will not be seeing catamarans bigger than dinghies with single unstayed masts for the forseeable future.
  11. outside the box

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    Free standing mast well proven by Patric Lucher on own yacht

    Patric Lucher has done just what all say cannot be done on a multi hull. admittedly it is a cruising boat and he has a removable running back stay for down wind but after conversing with him through out the build and shake down plus now after over 14000kmls Atlantic crossing I think it is well proven.
    The result of this has verified our own reasoning for designing a free stander for our own yacht. Like Patric we are doing what is right for us with our own design and our money so if at the end of the day it didn't work it is only us affected.
    Always look outside the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you find Patric half as helpful as we have you will be onto a winner.
    PM me as we have the emails and articles on this great design/er.

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  12. JCaprani
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    This is now being built, photos of the project are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/JCaprani/Amatasi27AtJamesWharramDesigns?feat=directlink


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  14. upchurchmr
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    If you really want an unstayed mast, perhaps you should consider a trimaran. The main hull more naturally gives you the reaction points (bury) to support a unstayed rig.

    On the other hand stayed rigs are really simple, short ones can be massively over strength for the loads developed by the sail area.

    What is your real objection to stays?

    The Slider has proven itself, Chris Whites Discovery 20 would work easily (if you don't need folding for trailing it can be simpler, lighter and cheaper - a little), Marples/ Brown has a brand new boat that has a relatively small rig - definitely family oriented. The Discovery probably won't have the toilet accomidations you want.

    Any of the larger boats could be built without an elaborate interior to save cost.

    Richard Woods has a new 18' tri with a cuddy, don't know if the toilet would work, and if I remember right he is working on a 20'.

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