70 Metre Superyacht University Project

Discussion in 'Education' started by Andrew Mooney, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Andrew Mooney New Member

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this forum, and I have joined in order to gain information from those who are currently on the forums and who are in the know, such as naval architects, marine designers, yacht designers etc, so that I can learn alot more about the industry in addition to what I learn in my lectures and in my spare time in the university library.

    I am a Boat Design student, and I am about to enter my third year of my university course after the summer. Our first project in third year is to be to design a 70 metre superyacht. The vessel itself is likely never to be put into production, as I believe the intention is for use as students to learn about the process of designing such vessels as we progress through the project.

    In the design brief, it was stipulated that the vessel must be able to be used in both the mediterranean and the caribbean, and that the vessel must conform with RINA international safety regulations. I am a student member of RINA, and I have had a brief look on the RINA website regarding safety regulations, however I have been unable to do this recently due to technical problems preventing me from logging in.

    I was therefore wondering if anyone on this forum would be able to provide me with any information with regards to the criteria which such a vessel would have to meet in order to be able be used in the mediterranean or the caribbean, and also with regards to RINA safety regulations. Furthermore, if you have any general advice with regards to the design of a vessel such as a 70 metre superyacht, then please feel free to post feedback.

    Any information which was forthcoming would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Andrew Mooney
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    There are two RINAs. The one you (and I) are members of is the Royal Institution of Naval Architects in the UK. The one your class is referring to is the Italian Classification Society, Registro Italiano Naval (website: http://www.rina.org/en/index.aspx). Your yacht would have to be classified by RINA, so that is why you must use their structural and safety regulations for your design. You will likely find that the classification society regulations at RINA are similar to Lloyds Register, LR, in the UK, or the American Bureau of Shipping, ABS, in the US.

    I hope that helps.

  3. mgivens
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    I have entered the young superyacht designer competition for a couple of years now and can tell that this is what you are talking about. As for advise I have always just tried to keep the draft reasonable for use in the Caribbean. Hope this helps a LITTLE and my advice is to look at the winner from years past, seems to me they really are looking for very unconventional, cutting edge styling. Good luck it is a great competition and a lot of fun!
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