69 johnson 85 no fire

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by shwnar, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Hi so I got this 85 hp johnson we put it on a stand which we made from wood. At first the motor would turn and didnt get fire we found from the power pack in the back a black and white wire wasnt connected also another wire which seems to come from the points unconnected as well we attached the two together and the motor started.Excited now we went and bought a 17 ft v hull boat and put the motor on it.With the same wiring harness and box that i got with the motor running with the first time.Now after getting motor on now we are back to getting no fire checked all connections nothing has changed that we can see .The battery is a brand new 100.00 marine deep cell battery. I made sure control box is in neutral position and lever on top is pushed up to start position.I s there any other ground that we have to attach from motor or saftey switch that would cause this to revert to no fire again ?
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