65ft motosailing cat, how much glass

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by charlesakeem, Apr 30, 2008.

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    If i wanted to build a catamaran around this size and type
    using the strip plank method how much epoxy, fiberglass, resin etc how much
    do you think I'd need.
    So far just planning and plotting and trying to figure out how much I need to build such a beast. Do you think it can even be done in cedar strip.
    So far I am just looking for estimates of what it would cost to build the hulls and decks.
    Cedar for hulls a damn ungodly amount good thing i can get it for free
    Plywood and timber for frames should be to bad maybe 2,000
    Place to build said hulls possibly an ungodly amount if i want to build it somewhere hospitable to human life of Caribbean descent, maybe 4'000 dollars if i do it around the great lakes area catamarans draft is shallow enough that i shouldn't have to have a shed to close to the prime areas and docking in that region

    Well like I've said in all my post and what I am probably going to say in many more post to come, rip this idea a new one thank you.

    My previous thoughts were to build a hull like this out of recycled aluminum and shipping containers skins but after more research (slap of reality) i decided against that later I thought of using metal from aluminum kegs to make the hulls (being near west Virginia college makes that alot more feasible then you'd think).
    I decided
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    The all up displacement of a 65' motor/sailing cat could vary anywhere between 15 000 and 30 000kg depending on the level of technology and fitout. As such no one will be able to give you a material estimate based upon the info you have provided.

    To answer your other question there is no reason why a boat like this shouldn't be stripped out of cedar.
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    Switching to the Pahi 63

    Thanks I'll use the PAHI 63 instead seems running tides doesnt sell plans damn shame. Or at least I couldnt find any plans

    Length Overall:63'
    19.20 m
    Beam Overall:
    8.53 m
    8 ton
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    laminate thickness will be contingent on weight of glass fiber used, we use 1 1/2 oz CSM and you need 3 layers for each 1/8" of laminate thickness and .7 pounds of resin per square foot.
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