63ft powerboat, 4x Seatek engine with Trimax 2200 drives

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by ESH222, Sep 1, 2021.

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    A beginners question. A 60ft powerboat from 1996 has 4 x Seatek 725hp engines with Trimax 2200 drives. Top speed around 60kn and cruising speed around 40kn. Can it be used in only 2 engines running for cruising?

    Thanks in advance
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    The shapes of a high speed boat are usually not the most suitable for "peaceful" sailing. Keep this in mind, comfort and maneuverability may not be enough.
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    Welcome to the Forum ESH.
    That sounds like a very ambitious project for a 'beginner', re taking on a 60' boat like this, not to mention the four engines and drives.
    Can you supply any further information about the boat - and perhaps post a photo or two?

    I presume that the engines are these -
    | 725 Plus | SEATEK s.p.a. http://www.seatek-spa.com/en/marine-engines/725-plus.html

    Google tells me that the Trimax drives have surface piercing propellers - and that they used to be part of ZF Marine, but even 15 years ago it appears that they had already parted company with ZF (?)
    You should maybe check to see if you can still get spare parts easily?

    And is the boat one of Fabio Buzzi's designs?
    Maybe something similar to this?
    FB 60' SF http://www.fbdesign.it/patrol-boats/item/138-fb-60-sf
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    Well, I doubt there is great familiarity here with the exact machinery mentioned, but as a general rule it is hard to set up a power boat to run properly with half the power missing. A fully retractable drive/propeller would appear to be mandatory, dragging anything "dead" through the water is going to be starting from well behind scratch. Can we assume these drives allow that complete withdrawal ? If so, you move on to the matter of whether it is a single speed gearbox. If it was a two-speed (unlikely) it would be helpful, you could use the bigger reduction when running two engines. Assuming a one-speed, you have to wonder whether the props tailored to four-engine operation, and optimized for such, are going to be a strain on the engines, that will be unable to rev freely. I would think if the use of two engines was going to be permanent, the only hope would be a pitch reduction, BUT.....I am not that familiar with surfacing props, and that may not be the issue I imagine it to be. Maybe trimming the drive can unload the engines sufficiently. But that would reduce thrust, and that does not sound desirable for a boat loaded up with a lot of non-contributing machinery.
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    A very strange beginners question.... The engines must be very expensive and have quite a bit of residual market value. If one was to buy such a high powered vessel for a good discount (military/navy surplus ?), it could be an option to pull 2 of the motors/drives and sell them, which may cover a substantial part of the acquisition cost. A vessel that had a top speed of 60kt will likely perform quite well with 2 of the engines removed, it would just have a lower top end. It would reduce weight significantly and may allow for a lower fuel load to be carried given the halved maximum consumption. I would hardly think such a vessel would be a "slug" with 1400hp.

    To have a top end of 60kt it surely cant be too heavy to begin with and reducing from 4-2 engines would only make this better. Anyway, I don't know too many millionaires ready to jump into something like this, but I'm sure that doesn't mean they don't exist...
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    I was assuming he wants to retain the ability to go fast, but also to have a more economical fall-back.
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