6061 or 5052 ?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by ted655, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Interested in opinions on 6061-T6. Some say the copper content makes it unsuitable for hulls. Others say it is preferred for its extra strength/ impact qualitys.
    For boats less than 100 feet in length, in brackash waters, what aluminium for the hull?
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    5086 Is The Grade To Use In Saltwater
  3. lazeyjack

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    5086 used to be the plate to use, still can, but 5083 is more common
    6061 is best for frames and is very good in salt, used very much for rudder stocks too It lives happily with 5083
    6083 IS OK FOR STUFF LIKE HANDRAILS But hates salt water being piped through it I found this out when some of the commercial craft I built which harvested mussels, had severe probs
    In NZ 6061 was hard to get in say bigger stock, rounds , so often I machined stern tubes from heavy 5083
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