59 fiberform spokane

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ron12, May 20, 2009.

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    ok so im new to the boating world. i recently got for free a 59 fiberform spokane 21' with the 153 cid chevy 4cylinder needs some work i'm trying to pind parts for this motor which is kinda tough due to the age it is a 1968. also i have a few things layin around from a mid 80's small block chevy that i am willing to sell or treade for possible engine parts if any one can help that would be great.here are a few pics of what i'm working with.

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    GM still makes the 4 clyinder engine you have. Now referred to as a 3.0 L
    Parts are avaiable throughout the US II know of no recent changes to the block and you can buy a re-built marine 3,0 for about 1100 to 1200 bucks. These people have one for 1699 but I know you can get them much cheaper.
    http://www.michiganmotorz.com/Marine Engines/Remanufactured marine engines

    I just noticed the year 1959 so these may not be the same block. Maybe you can tell by the pictures of new and re-built
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    I'm fairly sure it's the same block and crank, but has different pistons in the 3.0 litter (181 cid). The 181 version is just a punched out 153, so all the parts (heads, water pump, intake, etc.) will transfer. Considering the age and look of that engine, you might be better off looking for a 181 to rebuild. They made millions of them and are easy to find.
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