52 foot Robert Beebe LRC on ebay

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Steve W, May 6, 2013.

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    I just noticed an old woodie on ebay (Item # 181128170418) that I believe is a Beebe design although it is not mentioned as such. Back in the winter of 05/06 I was working on a project at the Scarano boatyard in Albany,NY when this boat arrived and was hauled, i had been reading the "Voyaging under power" book and thought I recognized the boat as a Beebe so when I mentioned it to the owner he acknowledged it was and showed me around, he told me it was the only hard chined model. I later heard that the owner had fallen off the boat in the yard and died which would explain the condition it is in now. I have no idea the condition, but if sound could make a great economical long range cruiser for not a lot of bucks. Way too big for me.

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    This is indeed Beebe design #135 and drawings are available from Mystic Seaport. Unfortunately sitting abandoned in a boatyard for many years is hard on boats, especially wooden ones. She appears to have suffered, topsides look a mess, and the keel has dried out and is coming apart.
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