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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Gary Bernier, Dec 14, 2020.

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    My business partner and I are trying to help out a friend in Aruba. He and I crewed a Freeport Islander from Florida to Aruba a couple of years ago with the guy, his pregnant girlfriend and four Dobermans. That was adventure. He left behind a 1981 52' CSK catamaran (he originally bought it for the trip, but didn't like it). The boat has sat at a Florida marina, in the water for nearly 3 years. It's a mess, but has great potential. We agreed to clean it up, move it to Tarpon Springs where we live, fix it up a bit and try to sell it for him.

    We have managed to get the lights on, the engines to turn (but not start yet) and the bilges to work. We even found the original daggerboard. The thing weighed about 150 lbs and we have no idea how it is inserted or controlled in the deck slot.

    I am hoping that someone in this forum can help us. We know these boats have an amazing history. I just bought copies of Rudy Choy's "Catamarans Offshore" and Buddy Ebsen's "Polynesian Concept”.

    What I hope is that someone can offer us advice or even directions where we can get some manuals or specs on this size CSK. We’re not sure which ports are for fuel and which are for water (no markings). As I said we have no idea how the daggerboard is supposed to be raised and lowered. We're not sure where the black water pump out is. The electrical system is different than we’re used to (there is a start battery and house battery in each engine room and another house system in a center hold that seems to operate only the helm station. There appear to be two diesel tanks on each side, one shows 1/4 full the other reads empty (not sure if the gauge is working). But, we don't find a fuel manifold.

    I know in time we can trace everything and probably stumble on to what works. I'm just hoping someone with actual knowledge can help us do this more efficiently.

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  3. Gary Bernier
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    I saw that. I found an old email address for Barry Choy from an article he wrote about Rudy. But it bounced. I posted an request on the Choy Designs website. I called them today and left a message. We'll see what happens. It's a 40 year old boat. I can only hope there are some dusty old schematics or a manual in some drawer.

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    Gary, do you till have this boat your working on? If so shoot me an email. Shawnon06@yahoo.com
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