50' Norman Cross, sails?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Freelance 85, Nov 11, 2019.

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    looking for a spinnaker for my boat. Obviously don't know what would work best and if others have trials and fails of different types? She has a basic inventory, Ketch. 45' mast. roller furling Genoa is about 120%, I guess. Thought about setting up another Genoa, 150% plus, so I can just wing out each one.
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    Anything can be made to work but for cruising at deeper angles a triradial or starcut chute of 1.5 oz has a lot going for it. The flatter the better to allow higher angles. You do not need a pole and can jibe these chutes without collapsing them. A Cross 50 ketch does not draw the apparent wind as far forward as more slender types.

    The easiest way to sheet these is with the sheets going aft to the back third of the amas with a snatch block on the sheet leading to the ama bow. These serve as the guys for tensioning the now luff. When deep down both are used as needed. Easier to do than explain, for super close reaching a snatch block to set the guy to the main hull bow is a nice extra.

    This is a inexpensive way to boost your lower performance angles as used mono chutes can easily be found. Yes a roller furler screacher is nice but a Spinnaker with a sock is easily handled and better downwind for less money.

    Just a cruising suggestion.
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