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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Virusxyz, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Virusxyz
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    Virusxyz New Member

    Ok stupid thread, but have to ask. I just watched the movie 50 first dates, great movie. Anyone who has seen the movie familiar with the designer of the ship "Sea Serpent"? It looks familiar but I can't remember where I've seen that before--kinda looks like a Bruce Roberts ketch, but has a nice captain's windowed stern.
  2. Nathan

    Nathan Guest


    I believe it is a Vagabond 42 Ketch
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Worst choice in names I have heard , so far,

    "PAY DAY"

  4. Virusxyz
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    Virusxyz New Member

    Thanks for answering

    Thanks for the info Nathan, it does look very similar to the vagabond, although all the ones Ive seen are fiberglass, I thought the one in the movie was wood, or at least it appeared to be wood in need of a paint job in the beginning of the movie.
  5. MattL
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    MattL New Member

    I got my boat from a guy last name of Pay. The boats name on the stern was "Pay Back". I changed it to E C Rider, after my two boys Everett and Casey.
  6. CDBarry
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    CDBarry Senior Member

    Okay then, what is the boat that appears in the episode of "Worst Witch" that Mildred hides her cat in during the holiday at the wizard's place - It is a small ply vertical stem cat with a raised deck forward and very cute?
  7. zaney

    zaney Guest

    i thoiught it looked like the boat from Capt, Ron.
  8. mdboatbum
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    I'm pretty sure the boat was a Hudson Force 50. It's a fiberglass boat w/ a "lapstrake" hull so it kinda looks like wood.
  9. GRossi
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    GRossi New Member

    It’s an Atlantic Clipper Ketch built by Formosa boat in Taiwan . William Garden design .

  10. C. Dog
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    Somebody has been waiting 20 years to hear that.
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