3d or 2d wake patterns

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    Dear sirs
    We are a small company that provides 3D images and animation for a maritime industry. We are not naval architects or similar, we are draftmans.
    We are trying to improve our seas quality, I have to recognize it is a hard work.
    the wake patterns and the foams are very dificult to emulate, in this moment we are looking for a free software that could give us a near and / or far fields patterns .
    We do not need exact prediction, we only need looks like to the real wakes.
    I do not know what we need to do this.
    What software could we use for this purpose?
    Usually we recive a IGES hull from our customer and we can obtain more information about the ship. I do not have the know how. We can use a 3d mesh or 2d bitmaps.
    Could anybody help us?
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    Michlet will allow you to do that very quickly. See::

    The latest free version is available on boatdesign.net. See:

    A demo of Flotilla is available on boatdesign.net. Look at the graphics in the thread:

    Therer are a collection of wake images at:

    Good luck,
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  3. Seaviews
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    firstly my apologies for not tell you nothing about your wonderfull reply, may be I am a rude man...sorry.
    I was using your software to obtain a 3D wake for my jobs.
    In my first try I used the michlet but when I finished to do my script and executed it with a example, I could see that there not was a bow wake, I am stupid man, I always say to my self firstly I have to read the documents, I am a enthusiastic man and always I do the same job twice. :-D there is two images of this wake,
    in my second attempt I used flotilla, I made some changes in the offset,hull and some other file, I dont remember the name of the file. I did again a script to read the csv file in the max, this is the result that I obtained:
    The wake height is to high, I do not know why, could you please help me to obtain a correct wake for my ship? I could scale verticaly to reduce the height but I would like to do fine
    Thanks a lot

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