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    My name is Skip McKee. I am a 2d/3d designer in Richland Washington. I was born and raised in Old Orchard Beach Maine. I have been on or around the ocean and boats all my life. Currently I own two boats that I use at least twice a week.
    I have over ten years of mechanical and architectural experience utilizing AutoCAD and micro station 2d/3d software. I am training on inventor and rhino 3d software. I am also affiliated with a furniture design/fabrication group in Gorham Maine. I am attempting to build experience in the marine design field. I would like to offer my drafting/design capabilities free of charge in exchange for experience and the ability to broaden my skills. I am available for telecommuting, internet, and short travel projects. If you have any projects, past or present that you would like modeled or converted to cad please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for your time.
    Skip McKee
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    Hi Skip,
    Please get in touch with us, you can send me a p.m. or get in touch through the website.

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