36 x 18 ft cat needs mast help

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Day Tripper, Nov 8, 2008.

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    This boat originally had an A-Frame or Bipod rig, loose footed main and two working jibs. I am looking for knowledgable advise on how to rig with a conventional mast or should I try to re rig with the original A-frame design. I bought this boat as a project, which it certainly has been and is now ready for rigging. I have a 40 ft single spreader mast weighing 220# that came off a Trimaran. I have been told it may be too heavy for this 6,000 # boat. Anyone out there that can help?

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    Day tripper
    forget the tripod stay with an conventional rig you will have less hassle and the boat will be easer to manage.
    Check that the load areas ie mast compression bulkhead and support members, fwd beam @ forstay attachment point and chainplates are up to the task.
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    Thanks for your reply SPJ

    Going with the traditional mast was my idea from the beginning. It's just making the decisions of using dolphin and pelican strikers and if they are necssessary or not. Chainplates need to be installed etc. The mast is really the question. Is it too heavy? 220# @ 40ft. Other decisions I'm facing are the compression bulkhead and how to build it. I have been told it needs to be made of wood rather than aluminum. The mast will be stepped as a deck mount with a gimbled step base for mast tuning once it gets in the water.

    Any input anyone?

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    The weight of the mast is not the problem. In fact, if the weight of the boat is from an empty one, the mast can fit quite well. Any idea of the manufacturer and type of the mast? Or the trimaran where is was?

    The real problems are the strength of the main beam and back beam and the structure of these. You sure need a NA to survey and do the necessary calculation.
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