302 (5 liter) Ford closed/fresh water cooling

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    Since I restored my 1973 Silverton Sportster 25, I've been venturing farther and farther from home over the past three years. This boat has it's original 302 Ford and is raw water cooled. Since it's a fresh water boat the engine is in good shape, no issues. It has about 1200 hours on the clock and I believe this figure is fairly accurate. The Hobbs meters worked when I inherited this rig. The previous owners (two of them) were good about maintenance. I did replace the exhaust manifolds, risers and exhaust system during the restoration. In a couple of years I'd like to start taking this boat down the Intercoastal to Florida. While the current engine runs fine I'm not comfortable with taking it 1200 miles from home. After all it is 44 years old.

    I'll probably replace this 302 with a rebuilt long block in 2019. I'm looking for a good source for materials that I can use to construct a closed cooling system. I can find "kits" on line for the 302 but they are front mounted and won't work with a v-drive a s the engine is reverse mounted and the exhaust system is in the way. Since it's a v-drive, I think that an off engine mounted heat exchanger would be my best option.

    If anyone has some recommended sources for long blocks and/or parts that I could use for the cooling system, I'd appreciate your input. As some of you might remember from my posts over the years, I like to plan my work in advance and accumulate all the materials I need before I start a job.


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