300knt torpedo

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by zerogara, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. playmaker
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    is a nose whose cross-section changing exactly necessary to create a cavitation bubble for very high speed torpedos like shakval? is there any theoritical definition for this condition?
  2. Easy Rider
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    This is "boat Design?' .. far out. How in God's green earth do they control the thing?

  3. zerogara
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    zerogara build it and sail it

    Who is we and who are they?
    If you read back in the thread the US did attempt to produce such a thing long ago due to intelligence on the ongoing research and then abandoned it as hoax. I think now enough is known and speculated about that it can be reattempted. Once you have seen one neadertal start a fire with a stick and a stone this creates sufficient confidence that if you keep trying you can start one as well.
    Yet people are hungry in the streets of New York, Honk Kong, Franfurt, London, Rome, Athens, and there are millions of sick from simple infections all around earth, children dying from silly wars, .......
    Standing up straight and walking was the first step, who have merely completed a second one.
    Your arrested development at the we/they category is counter-evolutionary. You are holding all of us back! Be quiet! :)
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    whats the difference between cavitating and super cavitating?

  5. haru
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    Controlling isn't that of a problem, but it's range and sensor.
    The russians use drag to control it.
    It got to carry fuel, air (or exhaust) for the cavitation and some warhead. So for the same size range may become much smaller. Maybe close range terminal phase will do.
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