30' plywood sharpie

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by davesg, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Welcome to the forum. That is beautiful work.
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    anything new on the sharpie front.

    I just finished reading through the thread and I found the parts about how sharpie's respond to more open water very interesting. I also noticed some folks advocating keeping the stem deeper than others. Not sure whats up with that, but I'd guess that for uglier water you'd want the stem a bit deeper for a more comfortable ride.
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    Deeper stem is important for comfortable stay at anchor -flat bottom is kept below the surface and away from slapping in this case.
    When sailboat is moving against strong wind and wave, it is well heeled, and flat bottom is more a benefit than liability -heeled flat bottom boat presents a sharp chine to the water. :D
    The flat bottom boat will only pound at sea when motoring against the wave train without sail.
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    Ahoy there!

    10 years since i had to left that sharpie into her box...
    Last week i was able (finally & unexpectedly) to procceed a bit. I even painted the hull with 3 coats of white, but messed up the last one which developed some drops (forgot to thin the color. Fortunatelly, when it will harden i will sand it for the last coat) .

    This one will procceed like that. Slowly.


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    I suggest, Reuel Parker's work. Tom Colvin built and loved sharpies, and I think the ads in Wooden boat Magazine for the Catalogue of ship plans from your wonderful Smithsonian.
    • I Have some wicked sharpie plans, a lot designed by Howard I Chapelle 20 to 60 footers - sail plans, construction details, and tables of offsets.
    • Not that I like sharpies!
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