30' plywood sharpie

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by davesg, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Does the chine draft the shoal keel at all ?
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    Hello Ray,

    40HP???? Did I made a mistake?
    where did I write that I want to have a 40hp motor on my 26footer???:confused::confused: My preferred propulsion is the new, strong Torqueedo with with a few Batteries placed under the cockpit. Their weight is only with 50kg included into the stability calculations, but helps for sailing stability just as normal inside ballst does. This is the reason why my ballastweights of the keel varies between 350 and 400kg. Please remember that my design process is not finished yet and Data may change when my design goes forward.

    check out the M1700 on this website http://www.ohlmeier-anhaenger.de/liste_motorb.htm, ok, I estimated wrong for 100kg, but this one shown is made from steel, not aluminium. In no way I need 700 kg for the trailer.

    It would be very kind if you read my posts a little bit more careful, that would help to keep this thread more productive and would avoid discussions around misunderstandings.

    insignificant detail like stability curve
    Sorry, but in my eyes a stability curve is in no way a "insignificant detail" in a design process. For me its the question if the boat is sailing after a squall or if it is capsised. I capsized once with a Jollenkreuzer due to bad luck and it was no good experience. It was bad bad bad, very expensive and the sailing season was over.

    My 350 to 400kg are around 8'' deeper than the 500kg of a "normal" sharpie, this is a significant difference in leverarm. Not counting the heavy equipment stowed near the bottom of the boat.

    Twinkle in my minds...
    It was definetly my fault to annotate the comparison between the NIS 26 and my design. They are totally different boats in the question of style and in amount of surfaces. My light camp-cruiser oriented interior should not be compared to the more comfortable one of the NIS. Sorry for that.

    You asked where the difference in wheights come from and I tried to explain the differences in concept. In no word I said that my engenering is better than Kirby's or I laugh (gloat) at him just because my structure and interior it more simple and therefore lighter in weight. I would never do somethimg like this.

    Yes you are right, I have no boat on the water to prove what I designed. But this is the reason why we are here on the forum, to learn from other peoples opinions.

    But, just because I'am no professional designer my work is a twinkle in my minds eye? Sorry, not in my world. If I do something, I do it as careful as I can. I'am willing to learn if my knowledge is not sufficient. You can see it that I make stability curves for my design, just to have calculations instead of estimations.

    Perhaps you should check if you have realistic feeling of the aspects of boats.
    Until now your estimations were more incorrect than mine ...rc-equipment weight, trailer weight, 40 hp on a 26' sailingboat.
    I think you have a negative tenor when you make comments on threads and you underline them with incorrect evidences, not seeking optimistic for objective solutions.

    Take a look at the posts from Angelique or PAR ... they are constructive and objectiv.

    Grreeting from the North Sea Coast, Michel
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    Sorry, I don' understand what you mean. Can you say it in other words please?

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    Looks like you use not so bomb-proof servos as I do; it is OK for a model so small. Mine are much sturdier, and power pack bigger.
    Paint has to here anyway... . for 1/10 scale its weight could change from x% of total to 1x % of total.
    Weights on model less than ~1m are always tricky, I wish you best luck.
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    Whoops - you are right, there were references to the "Chesapeake Marine Design Sharpie 36 " mixed in with the thread with a motor, you are right, it does take carefull reading.

    Sorry, that site was the wrong language for me. I know that 250kg is way too optimistic for a boat of that size and that weight based on personal experience with trailers though.

    I am glad you picked up that point. I was being a bit tongue in cheek with that 'insignificant detail'. Its one of the first things I would have checked in the initial design before goiing ahead very far.

    Yes, the point I was hoping to make, is that designing boats gets much more complicated the closer they get to actually being built and/or launched. I would hate for you to go to all that effort, and hit a major 'show stopper'

    Yes, I definitely am looking at the 'down sides', but its not meant to be 'bad attitude', just to attempt to avoid unseen obstacles.

    As you say, its all a fun learning experience - I do hope you are still having fun with it, and maybe it will end up as a working project
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    Well its quite a long time since the last post, but I have made some progress and I definetly have a lot of fun with it.

    Here are the latest photos of the model making stage ... the hull is finished and sheeted with epoxy, rc equipment is installed and tested. just some small parts to build and then the rig will follow.

    If you want to see the building stages have a look at:


    Greetings from the North Sea Coast, Michel

    noregretfeb 055.jpg noregretfeb 049.jpg

    noregretfeb 048.jpg noregretfeb 054.jpg

    noregretfeb 051.jpg noregretfeb 050.jpg
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    Troy, how is your project going? Do we have a real sharpie yet?

    This is an outstanding thread for newbs like myself. It has answered alot of my questions about the sharpies. When the thread got bogged down between some as all threads seem to, it got back to business and it's a loooong read, but worth it!

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    Rigged, keeled and ruddered

    Hello to Everybody!

    This is the latest stage of the modelmaking and just a few weeks to launching. Thanks to the bad summer the progress was better than I thought.

    Now the boat has its keel, rudder and rigging. In the moment Iam buisy with sailmaking.

    noregretfeb 073.jpg noregretfeb 074.jpg noregretfeb 077.jpg
  9. luckystrike
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    The last survivor of this thread ... Project Done

    Hi, Folks,

    as the last survivor of this thread I have the joy to say that my sharpie is sailing. Project Finished!

    She came out of the kitchen-boatyard with 1.4 kg (0.2kg tolerance for additional ballast to improve sail carrying ability), passed the 100° capsize test and is sailing well for a 1:10 modell only 80cm long. All (very light) RC-components are strong enough to work reliable.

    So, thats it, here are the sailing photos.

    stapelllauf 006.jpg stapelllauf 007.jpg

    stapelllauf 008.jpg stapelllauf 009.jpg

    stapelllauf 010.jpg stapelllauf 014.jpg

    stapelllauf 015.jpg stapelllauf 016.jpg
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Very nice job Michel..!!

    Well done, congratulations on the progress and the results [​IMG]

    Thanks for keeping us updated, please keep up :)

    Good luck!
  11. michael pierzga
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    Looks great. The sailplan is very attractive. One suggestion for asthetics would be to lower the cabin sides and increase the camber of the cabin roof. On a small boat you only need living space headroom near the centerline.
  12. luckystrike
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    Hi Michael,

    thanks for your compliments. I like the rig too, but I think I have missed the outline of the OK-Dinghy Sail for the mizzen a little, but the measures are correct. For the modell I decided not to use the square top rig, as it would be hard to trim without constant vang (?) or traveller adjustments.

    Michael, first I have to say that Iam very satisfied with the asthetics. If you take a look at the drawings (posts about my sharpie in this thread starts on page 32 with post #467) you will see that the ratio between freeboard of the hull and hight of cabin sides is well balanced. The real height of the cabin sides is only 35cm (1' 2''), allowing sitting 4' headroom at the sides, where you will sit. Thats not much for a 26 footer. A real boat will have windows at the cabin sides. If you make them elypsoid, they will lower the appearence of the cabin.

    In the end it is the form that follows it's funcion.

    Making the profile (or cabin sides) lower would mean that you will have not enough headroom over the bunks for comfortable sitting. At least here are two inches tolerance for asthetics ... will it make any difference in looks? If you think so, you could modify it during the build. :D
    You can lower the forward part of the cabin sides to make the cabin look more dutch style. The height there will not be needed, because there is the forward double bunk.

    More camber in the cabin roof is difficult also. The sidedecks are only 3 to 4 inches wide and act only as a optical break between hull and cabin sides, they are not functional for walking. Any traffic from cockpit to foredeck will go over the cabin roof. Its unsave if you have to balance over a very round one.

    What occured during the modelmaking is that a real built boat would offer a more comfortable and practical interior if the cabin would be lengthened or shifted by 1' to 1' 6'' to the stern. This would shorten the "social-cockpit" a little, but expand the interior.

  13. luckystrike
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    Thank you Angel!

    This project is finished and Iam happy with the results. RC sailing is great fun and something to do for the winter time or when real sailing is no fun (at 1 Bft.)

    Anyway, during the build I made some concept scetches for a 22 footer following the same style and concept as "No rEgret". It will use a Finn-Dinghy-and a OK-Dinghy Rig. And I have an idea about a more traditional 20' sharpie as a daysailer for two or a cruiser for one.

    But I will not go into the design stage with them until someone really wants to have one.

    What future design concerns ... you will have noticed in the "sailboats" section of boatdesign.net (seaworthy,bigger i-550 thread) that I made some designwork and renderings for a modern-sharpie-racer-cruiser. (Yes, I design with freeship now!).

    May be ... when the winter is cold and long and you cannot work in the workshop.... I will open my box where the modelmaking stuff is stored....

    Grrreetings from the North Sea Coast, Michel
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    Bigger one.

    Attached Files:

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  15. luckystrike
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    Bataan ... very funny!

    Hello Bataan,

    this is a very funny Idea. First I take the Egret and devellop its concept towards a new, safer, more useful and better sailing boat and then I go back and design another replika (number 4) of the original Egret? This makes definetly no sence in any direction of thinking. :confused:

    Perhaps I should do it :p

    No, of course not :D

    Grrreeings from the North Sea Coast, Michel
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