30 ft. Egg Harbor 1973- Help! Damsel in Project Distress!

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Susan East End, May 28, 2014.

  1. Susan East End
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    Susan East End New Member

    Hello everyone!

    ​I am posting to this forum to see if anyone might have some salient advice regarding a project boat that I acquired by circumstance. I must remove it from my property a.s.a.p. and I have no idea what to do.

    Ideally I would like to give it away to someone who has the vision, resources and time in which to restore it to a fabulous craft. However, as time is of the essence, I am also going to have to consider the option of scrapping it somehow- which is another conundrum in and of itself.

    How do I find someone who might want this boat, or alternatively, where/how does one scrap a boat?

    ANY advice would be so appreciated!!! Thanks!

    The specs are as follows:

    Manufacturer: Egg Harbor
    Title: Standard/transferable
    Type: Flybridge
    Model: 30 SPORTFISH
    Year: 1973
    Sleeps: 4
    Length/LOA: 30' 0"
    Beam: 11' 6"
    Condition: Project
    Engine Type/Model: 228 Chrysler twin inboard
    Number of Engines: 2
    Location: Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
    United States
    Engine Drive: Direct Drive
    Beam: 11' 6"
    Fuel Type: Gasoline/Petrol
    Fuel Capacity: 200 gal
    ​Tanks: Pumped Dry
    Hull Material: Fiberglass/Composite
    Number of Hulls: 1

    *****Hull is in good shape and the engines, shafts and propellers are all intact.

    *****Engines DID run 3 years ago. Boat has been on blocks and pickled since.

    *****Cabin house is wood- inside is intact but outside does have substantial rot.

    *****The boat is on blocks, so you WILL need a trailer with a hydraulic
    lift that will accommodate a 30 foot boat.
  2. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Have you thought of Ebay...or others?
  3. Susan East End
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    Susan East End New Member


    Yup- I posted on Craigslist, which netted many responses from people of questionable manners and character...I do not think Ebay is an option as it is commission based, and from a free item, nothin from nothin equals nothin...
  4. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    Hi Susan,
    Welcome to the forum. You have several options open to you. First, you can take out a classified for sale ad in Soundings Magazine. This is a tabloid-size monthly that you can find at news stands just about anywhere. It is published in Essex, CT, and it has a very strong following in the northeast especially. They categorize boats by length, power and sail in their classifieds section. Their link is:


    Second, you can make an entry in the Egg Harbor owners association. Their link is:


    Other Egg Harbor owners may know someone looking for a project boat.

    Third, you can list the boat for sale on YachtWorld.com which is one of the leading on-line sites for listing boats for sale. Their link is here:


    Finally, you can ask a boat or yacht broker to help you, they might take on a listing. Look locally for a broker, I am sure there are some near you. Boats that need a lot of work, or a bit of serious work, are hard for brokers to sell, generally. They make their money on commissions, and boats that need work sell for only little money, so little commissions. However, you might find a sympathic ear in one who may give you some other valuable advice.

    I hope that helps.

  5. BKay
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    BKay Junior Member

    I freely admit that I have no idea how much this boat might be worth. But I recommend you check to see if you have an organization that accepts donations nearby (in my area, we have two maritime museums that accept donation boats for resale with profits going to the museum).

    The boat has to have enough value to make the whole process worthwhile for their volunteers to pick up the boat and handle the sale. If they consider it simply picking up a trash boat and disposing of it, they will likely pass.

    If they accept the donation, you may get a tax write off on their resale value, too. G'luck.

  6. willi777
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    willi777 New Member

    I'll take the Egg if it's still available.
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