26' Trojan 1960

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Marco1, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Anyone has an opinion on this old veteran?

    I am after a classic boat, not more than 2' draft, single screw between 26' and 32'

    Thank's in advance/
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    Marco 1,
    I ment a couple in their late 80s w a T26 when we were down south south working on our boat. We were in covered moorage at LaConner WA USA and they were between us and the ramp. We'd chat a bit as we walked by often. They seemed like newly weds but had cruised SE AK for most of their lives in boats up to 50'. It seemed like an entry level boat but was an exit boat for them. They went out for several days about once a month. It must have been difficult for them as they decided it was time to retire from boating. In all of our chats we'd often talk about the Trojan 26. It was sound but not a peach and they were always very supportive about the boat. With all their experience with heavy weather, anchoring and maintenance they choose this boat as their last. And I personally I think the Trojan 26 was the best of the 26' inboard cabin cruisers (there were quite a few) of her day. My dad had a Sabre Craft 26 and pounded all the windows out of her bucking head seas down Chatham Strait. Most of these generic IB26s were just basic boat but myself and the old seafarers think the T26 is a good boat.

    Easy Rider
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    Hi and thank you for your reply.
    Above is a link to the one I found.

    The purpose is for river boating. I have a property on the MacDonald River

    http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&...hq=&hnear=Wisemans Ferry New South Wales&z=13

    The use will be just taking the family for day out or fishing on the river and probably never out to sea. A more seaworthy boat would not be able to get to my jetty at low tide, that is why the 2' max.

    Another sort of basic boat I like are the old Chris Craft like this one
    I like this rudimentary layout.

    The "enclosed" model is good for locking up.
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