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25 Vee and 41 Cat Molds

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by maxthunder, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. maxthunder
    Joined: Aug 2002
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    Location: florida

    maxthunder New Member

    I am selling our 25 Vee bottom molds and our 41 Cat molds. The Cat is an original Apache mold. 41 lentgh and 12 beam. Customers see speeds of 120+. I am building too many 32 Cat and 50 Vee Fish boats right now. Everything included. Good profit boat. visit www.thunderpowerboats.com to see finished product.
  2. Buckk
    Joined: Sep 2002
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    Buckk New Member

    41 cat

    Can you send more details and some pricing
  3. maxthunder
    Joined: Aug 2002
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    Location: florida

    maxthunder New Member

    Well, the boat is an original apache mold, it has a 12ft beam, its 41 ft long and has a European transom. I have all the molds, patterns, etc. you can see what the finished boat looks like on our website thunderpowerboats.com if you are intersted, please email me at thunderboatsinc@aol.com
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    you have mail
  5. JKK
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    JKK Junior Member

    Are any of these molds still available

  6. thor

    thor Guest

    owner of thunderpowerboats

    no, max thunder is in trouble, none of those molds belonged to them, check out the civil cases in lee county fl under maximum thunder or julie m brown. or her lawyer, michael bond, for the thieft of the assets of thunderpowerboats. thor
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