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25'- 55' recent model boat molds wanted

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Successful medium-sized boatbuilder seeks to grow business by purchasing your recent-model boat molds or entire company. Ideal candidate molds will be in the 25'-55' range or company with $2-$20 mil sales volume. Reply to Box VT, Soundings, Essex, CT 06426-1185
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have the orginal 31' and 36' Orca molds along with the orignal 42' Rybovich Stepped hull, and a 35' sportfish.

    Look at my web page www.vernese.com for more photos
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wood Boats

    We are producing 32’ new model power boats in Mahogany.
    Please send me your email to pampa32@fibertel.com.ar
  4. Brian Murray

    Brian Murray Guest

    Bri boatworks

    I presently own an original 40" mold and tooling along with the rights to build the first "Lyle Hess" 40' BCC. Mold and tooling is located in Costa Mesa, California. I am interested in selling the mold, tooling and the rights to build this beautiful sailboat. If interested please contact me at 480-220-9911. Pictures of the mold along with line drawings, deck and interior designs are available upon request. Thankyou.

    Brian Murray
  5. paulk

    paulk Guest

    So. Florida boatbuilder seeks partner to start production of 49 pass
    USCG certified 54' power catamaran. Molds complete, hull #1 soon,
    contact snarleyowpaul@msn.com for details.
  6. Kreatures
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    Kreatures New Member

    Boat mold for sale

    I am presently in ownership of a "Lyle Hess" 40" fiberglass mold which I would like to sell. Additional plans and tooling are also available. The mold is located in Costa Mesa, California. Please respond to me at BrianJMurray@cox.net for further information. Thanks.. Brian Murray
  7. boat182
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    boat182 Junior Member

    I am in the process of selling my company as a whole or selling my molds. Check us out at compassboats.com. If you are interested, e-mail me at jay@compassboats.com or 956-237-8075.

  8. captainmac
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    captainmac New Member

    25-55 Boat Molds

    My partner and I are liquidating our boatbuilding business. We have molds from 37' to 57' however they are located in the Pacific Northwest U.S., north of Seattle. You can go to http://www.coastalpassagemaker.com to see the boats we build from these molds. We have complete tooling for the CP-45. It is a beautiful boat. The molds used to belong to Delta Marine Industries in Seattle.

    Larry "Mac" McQuarrie
    Phone 907-617-2790
  9. KND
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    KND Naval Architect

    Boat Molds

    For that price, we will be able to design and make new molds. Would not waste my time to use someone else old designs.
    If interested give me a shout at kobus@navaldesign.co.za
  10. Baraka
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    Baraka New Member

    Hi, we are a company in Canada with an amazing new sailboat design. The hull number 1 is completed and sailing now. If any interest, we would be happy to send pictures and any details.

    Jacinthe Bourassa
    Baraka Sailboats Inc.

    Contact us at: barakasailboats@hotmail.com
  11. BigMikes809
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    BigMikes809 New Member

    I don't think that link is working.

  12. capD
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    capD New Member

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