24' Dunkirk Walkaround molds

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    Hello Everyone. I am in search of information on a set of molds that was listed on this site in Oct 2005. I absolutely love this boat and am trying to find out if whoever bought the molds is making the boat under another name. If you have any info about the location of any of these boats I would be interested in that info also. Thanks for any help.

    See thread reference below:

    I lost my Facility to a developer and have to close down.
    I have for sale the Complete Molds and templates for a 24' Walk around fisherman.
    Length on deck 24'
    Length overall 26' w/platform Length overall with outboard 29' 11"
    Draft with I/O 3' 20 Degree deadrise at transom.
    Designers : Seaton Neville.
    Available for sale are; Hull mold, Liner mold, Deck mold, Swim platform Deck hatches, anchor locker bow pulpit. fish storage hatches companionway entrance. Pilot house ( this version bolts onto existing structure in place of windshield. Jigs and patterns Complete.
    Email me for pics and other info. Last boat launched Oct 12, 2005 Molds are in excellent condition.
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