2002 Yamaha GP1200 Problem

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by xxFNGxx, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I just bought a Gp1200 from a guy who had it siting in is garage for 3 or 4 months. I got it pretty cheap because the warning light comes on and the buzzer sounds when you try and start it. He told me he has a D-plate on it and he has a new temp sensor. The temp sensor is just hanging by a wire but I don't know where it plugs into. Can anyone post some pics of where its supposed to go. He did tell me it ran before he put it away. Ive searched the internet up and down for answers so hopefully you guys can help me out
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    If it is a 2002 model, then it is a GP1200R . The GP1200 is an older model that is very different from the 1200R. There is a "stock" catalytic converter that helps to heat up the exhaust gases to completely burn the excess fuel in the exhaust. It also creates backpressure so that spent fuel in the exhaust pipe can be scavanged. It gives you approx. 150rpms and extra top speed.

    The "D" plate is used to create back pressure, but it does not help generate the high heat, and help clean exhaust gasses.

    It is the TEMP. SENSOR that measures this high temp. and sounds the alarm when it detects that the exhaust is running to cool. With the "D" plate, it will run cooler, hence the alarm.

    From what I understand, there is a blue wire (I think it is blue) in the bow compartment under the storage bucket. If you disconnet it, the alarm should go away, but the red blinking light will continue. Try it.

    Try this web site: www.greenhulk.net

    Go to "Yamaha 2 stroke performance" subforum,

    go to the "search" function and type in "D plate".

    ANYTHING you could possibly want to know about the GP1200R is on that forum, and you will be surrounded by some very knowlegeable people. Your fix is simple. You will read about installing a 50 cent resistor from Radio Shack to fool the computer into believeing the exhaust pipe is running at temp, etc., etc.

    By the way, a new cat con cost (retail) approx 400 dollars. A "D" plate is 50 bucks. The "D" plate is the way to go because they do not fail.
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    K, thanks for the referral and the help
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