1997 Mercury Force 75hp

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Icerolose, May 21, 2021.

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    Ok, really needing some input/advice here. I will try and include as much as possible as far as what ive done up to this point.

    Out on the lake a month ago, fishing. Went to start the motor to move locations and it just clanked. Found starter was up against flywheel. Backed it down and tried again. Same result. I trolled all the way back. Thinking my battery was weak I swapped the leads over to the battery I use for trolling. It turned and started. Somehow in all this, working around it on the water, I knocked off a small linkage. I snapped it back in place. Before this happened my boat always had an issue with wanting to run. It would run low RPMs 5-10mph fine and if you ran WOT it was fine. Anything inbetween it never liked. Ran really rough. So after getting it started what I noticed was it would run fine to half throttle, about 24mph. If I tapped the throttle any further it would just instantly die.

    Since this I have put new gas lines. Removed carb and cleaned it completly. New fuel filter. New plugs. CHecked compression 135/134/130. After doing all this It starts great, idles great, runs in reverse like it never has before (almost to strong feeling) but as soon as I pass somewhere around half throttle it just kills it. I can run it at half throttle all day, aside from no plane and issues steering. Ive noticed gas around the front of my carb, its sneezing some and when it does a puff of gas comes out the intake. the fuel line with the bulb jerks and pulses like its starving for gas. I couldnt get off this being a gas issue.

    Started calling marinas and around here they are all 4-6 weeks behind. Started poking around, double checking stuff. FOund a few chunks of magnet in the bottom of the cowl. Learned about flywheels, stators and triggers. This is where I get confused. I keep reading different places that the magnets on the flywheel itself do different things. Not here to really debate that for Im an outboard novice. I pulled the flywheel off this morning and 1 magnet is completly broken apart. Got all the pieces out checked stator. I dont have specs on stator so I dont know if the resistance is correct. Nothing ohms to ground tho. IS THIS MY CULPRIT?

    Now the crux of my issues. Priced a flywheel and stator and its approaching 1000.00 If this is what it will cost to fix this than fine. But will it. I need advice, opinions. Ive been fighting with this for a month and I would hate to drop a grand on the flywheel and stator only to get back out on the lake and it still die at half throttle. Ive included a few pictures of the flywheel and stator incase seeing it makes any difference. b1.jpg b2.jpg b3.jpg
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    Don't spend anything till you have acquired a workshop manual for the engine. With a relatively cheap multi-tester available from electronics shops, and armed with the instructions and specs in the manual, you should be able to assess the situation accurately. as to the serviceability of your ignition system parts. Swapping out ( I should say $wapping out) expensive components on suspicion, is poor practice, and bad economics.
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    They used to sell replacement magnets. It was a common repair item. The magnets get glued in with epoxy.

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    At a different time I'd say to sell this motor to another dreamer and move on to a much better one. But outboards are hard to come by now, so if you want to get on the water soon you may need to fix this one.

    Don't put much money into it, they aren't worth peanuts, I definitely wouldn't put $1000 into it even if did solve the problem.

    I owned a couple of these in the past, I don't miss them.
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