1991 Bayliner capri project...need advice...

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by baylinercapri, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Again, 91 Bayliner Capri/Cuddy

    Stripped to the hull and now I will put it together....or try to. Water collects under the driver's seat, passenger seats and the rear seats' partitions.
    No drain holes are present. It's all fiberglass. Water does however drain out from the bow to the rear when tilted...limber holes are open and not plugged.
    It's just the side partitions. I have to sponge the water out.
    I was thinking of drilling holes at the bottom of each partition to allow water to drain into the center. Your opinion?
    And, I need to remove the fuel tank...it's housed in a fiberglass casing....I will cut the top off to remove the tank for cleaning and then maybe reinstall it using screws to allow access in the future if needed. Or should I fiberglass over it?
    Now the floors. I removed all the wood. When I reinstall the wood...should I also fiberglass the wood to the sides of the hull? Or leave a gap? Or if I fiberglass the entire floor and mate it to the sides...the only opening will be the access panel between the seats?
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