1989 Ski Supreme Wiring

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by whbjr24, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Does any one know where to get a wiring diagram for a 1987 Ski Supreme. The one I just bought has a broken accessory switch made by Carling. After several hours searching I have come up empty on a replacement switch. May have to substitute but need to understand the wiring schematic first. Thanks in advance.
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    Are you looking for a dash switch?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Finding the actual wiring diagram might prove difficult unless you have an outdrive. If you do have an I/O, the manual for your specific setup, often has a rudimentary diagram for the electrical system, though it's intended to be typical, not necessary application specific.

    This said, the circuits employed are very simple and the switches as basic as they get. Replacement switches are common enough, though stylized ones might be hard to match, the actual wiring aspect should be quite simple, if you're familiar with 12 VDC. The only "odd ball" might be the nav light switch, but this is pretty basic too.

    Which switch are you worried about and what about this switch's circuit is troubling you?

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    Thanks Gonzo and Par.
    I was able to find that the manufacturer of the switch is Carling Tecnologies. I contacted an applications engineer and sent pictures of the broken switch. He was able to give me the part numbers and a simplified wire diagram (somewhat generic) for the accessory and nav. He also sent the data sheets and list of distributors. All great stuff. Awesome company customer service!
    The only problem was that I had to buy a $50 minimum amount (distributors) as I could not find them anywhere for retail without a significant lead time. They go for about $14 so I bought enough to replace all the switches. Was able to even pick the toggle level lighting pattern.
    The circuit breakers are the next issue. They are made by ETA. 5A breakers are apparently gold so I need to go a bit bigger. Blower motor suddenly stopped. Problem, breaker was not popped but its normal internal resistance was several thousand ohms. Not going to flow much current with that! Thinking about replacing the "accessory breakers with fuse holders with built in LED that lights when the fuse is blown. I think that would look cool. Just need to carry a ser of extra fuses.
    Next problem: Ignition......
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