1988 Regal 360 Fuses

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Stackthepilot, May 11, 2009.

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    I have an 88 Regal 360. I just purchased the boat and none of the navigation lights work. There is no power to them. Is there an actual Fuse Panel in this boat? Obviously I know where the Breaker Panel is but have no idea if there is a fuse panel.

    Thanks, John
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    A breaker panel would be a replacement for a fuse panel. It's possible to have some other fuses in there, but they're not necessary if the line is breaker protected.

    Most often these problems are fairly easy to sort out if you're familiar with 12 VDC work. I usually work from the "source". I find where power comes to the circuit, check to see that it's there, then continue checking for power out to the device (a light in this case), of course through any switching that may occur.

    Climb under the dash and see if you have power at both sides of the switch with it in the closed position. If not, change the switch, if so, move on down the line checking for continuity until you find the fault.

    Corrosion is the biggest problem on a 20 year old boat. Everything needs to be cleaned and greased.
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