1986 four winns 190 horizon tying to start

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    I have a 1986 four winns 190 horizon with a murcuiser engine, It was was starting then I had it rekeyed because I misplaced the keys. I tried to start it with the new key and it will not start. The electrical stuff like the blower, radio ect is working. But the dash board gauges dont move and the motor seems like it is not getting power when I turn the key. I would appreciate if someone could possibly tell what could be the problem? .......thanks
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    Sound like who ever replaced the switch got some wires on the wrong terminals .
    Some switchs have a accessorie switching where the radio and other things come on but the ignition and starter are the next click or two round .
    Get a meter and check what terminals were alive and at what stage of the turning the key .
    The terminal array may look the same as the old one but are in a differant sequance of connection . :p
    Some barrels are removeable so it could be possible to simpley swap the new key barrel into the old switch . !!
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