1983 Evinrude 70HP issues

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by digger17, Jul 12, 2020.

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    I don’t know if this fits in this thread or not just decided to post it as a Hail Mary. Went out today and all of a sudden my motor just decided to not fire. Ran fine for hours then I stopped and was idling and noticed more white exhaust smoke then usual. I turned it off and continued to fish then tried it a little while later and it would turn but not fire. I’m still able to turn my fly wheel and took the plugs out and looked inside and didn’t see any damage from that angle. The plugs were a bit dry so I’m not sure if it’s a fuel issue or what. Any help appreciated thanks
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    Well, but for the fact that I'm sure you have checked , it sounds like you ran out of fuel. The plugs should look dry if the motor is running properly, if a plug(s) is wet, it means it isn't firing properly. so an electrical issue. The first thing I'm sure you did, was check that fuel was reaching the engine. One way of checking if there is a fuel delivery issue, is to have someone squeezing the primer bulb, they will act as a human fuel pump, if the engine's one has failed. It will also help if other issues in the fuel system are preventing proper fuel delivery, right from the tank to the carburettors, if having that person squeezing the bulb continually, is the only thing that allows the motor to run, you have a problem somewhere along that line. The first thing to do, is remove the snap-on fitting, and see if squeezing the bulb, has fuel squirting out. If it does, then the problem is on the engine side of the connection. All that assuming it is a fuel problem. If it isn't, you may need to get a workshop manual, and follow the directions to check the electrical system.
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