1978 SeaRay question, PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Dirty Birds, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I recently purchased a 78 sea ray from a friend. The block was busted and was already pulled out of the boat. Unfortunatly the person that pulled the motor didnt bother marking a few wires on the back of the block. I have pics that I have took and can offer if someone would be so kind to help me figure out were they connect to! One wire comes out of the wiring loom from the dash goes to an eyelet to connect to something and then comes off the eylet and goes to the soleniod (small white color wire, hooked to the small post on the soleniod, that is hot when you turn the key on). One wire is dark brown, comes out the same loom from the dash, goes to an eyelet and then goes to a connection block ( im gonna assume the positive side) then to the switch that kills the motor when shifting by the shifter cables. The other is a small black wire that is connected to the oppisite side of the connection block which is definatly a ground. All of these three wires are slightly formed to reach right around the coil. All of these eyelets are about perfect size eyelets to fit the posts on the coil. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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    Hard to say without knowing what engine and what model Sea Ray. You also might want to post your question on Club Sea Ray forum. http://clubsearay.com/ But be more specific. Boat model, engine model, pics.
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    Having general experience knowing what and how these wires function will allow a hook up again.

    Ignition positive coming from ignition switch would go to positive coil resistor. All these 12v coils have external or internal resistor.

    Ignition crank would send positive down to starter solenoid terminal, usually labelled 'S' Some of the starter solenoids had a second post labeled 'R' which sent full power to the coil when cranking for a better spark.

    That old engine, does it have points or electronic ignition module?
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