1978 Johnson 85hp Javelin Sea horse

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by sam1234, May 3, 2007.

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    1st pls what spart plug do i nead to use for my motor
    2nd Using high octane fuel for my engine makes a difference ? and wy
    3dr ok famus question oil ratio 5 galon of gas for how many = oil ? let put that more dificult canadian liter // 20L for how many oil
    4th tel me the best oil i nead to use for my 2 stroke


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    spark plug champion L77JC4.
    yes on high octane unless low compression head gaskets are install because this engine was designed for 92 and predetonationcan be likely.
    50:1 fuel to oil ratio this is 16oz oil to 6 gallons of gas or 475mL of oil to 22.75L of gas
    and last but most likely to start an argument oil type
    my two cent any tcw-3 oil that has an engine manufactors name on it (johnson, evinrude, mercury, yamaha, suzuki,so on and so forth.)
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