1973 25' Livesay

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by dlp90731, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Hi everyone I am new to the forums here. I have a few questions about this boat I just bought. The previous owner replaced and raised the stern deck with aluminum frame work and composite hatch covers. None of which are sealed. I am open to any ideas on enclosing this deck and making water it proof using the existing frame. Thanks for your time and help. Pictures attached

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    I'm just curious, why do you want to do this?

    Looks like the previous owner took pretty good care of the boat. Clean Bilge (boy you don't see that too often on a '73), looks like newer exhaust manifolds, new starter/solenoid, looks like new exhaust hose or pipe or whatever.....boy that's a long exhaust run. I think it looks pretty darned good for a 37 year old boat!

    For what it's worth Darrell I like what he did there. He sure has ventilation covered and I think that good air circulation is very important and often overlooked. Unless you're planning on taking a wave over the stern I'm wondering why the need to seal the engine hatches. I know my hatch isn't sealed and I've never worried about it.

    Congratulations on your new rig and welcome to the forum:)

  3. dlp90731
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    I totally agree with you missinginaction. I think it's my paranoid side not wanting anything to rust faster or get dirtier. The previous owner had started to let water build up during these last rains. I have it out on a trailer so that isn't much of a problem now. Thanks for the response and confidence builder. I have a bucket load of more questions about the hull and other issues I will post. Thanks once again.
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    How you doing ? Saw your post and thought I would add a couple of lines . I have a 22 livesay and my deck is what they called an " up deck " . The deck was set high so there would be an opportunity to build in large fish boxes , hatches under the deck . The person who owned your boat previously probally had a down deck with no storage and raised it . As far asealing it up and protecting your aluminum frames I have 1 question ...How much of a gap is there between the deck and where it meets the iside of the hull ? My deck hatches [4] and the engine cover have a built in frame that keps the water out to some degree . If you do not have these channels , you can fabricate them and install them to cut down your water intake . You wont stop all of it , but you can sure slow it down and turn it into run-off . Send me your contact info and I will send you a picture . Nightrain / Out PS : I love my Livesay and have had it for 16 years !!!!

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    76' 26' Livsay in Idaho.

    Hi name is Jim and am the proud owner of a 26' Livesay Flybridge. Currently repowering with a 8.1 Vortec thru existing/rebuilt V-drive set-up. Building in a Aux power unit/trowling motor. Then once all the mechanicals are in and balance I am redecking with all Aluminum framing and aluminum tread plate. Also adding helm on starboard side cabin. Also have tower that I might add from 26' Shamrock. Have talked to some Livesay owner and am told they handle well, heavy and built like a tank. Would like to get in touch with othe owners to share experiences etc. Give a call if you get a chance or want to. Thanks Jim.
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