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1972 IMP Aztec, parting out

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Bill55AZ, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Bill55AZ
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    Bill55AZ Junior Member

    Has 3 major dents on the bow. Based on the number of beer cans I fished out of this boat, I can guess how the dents got there. And the former owner must have been too poor to cover the boat, all the seat vinyl is crunchy. Side vinyl is good. Stringers are rotting where the motor mount lag bolts go in, so the boat is history.
    The good news, less than 600 hours on this boat if the hours meter is correct. 245HP 307 chevy V8 with LT1 heads is in great shape. I pulled a valve cover to check head casting number, and saw a very clean valve train. Has thru hull exhaust, but different hoses can make it thru the hub.
    I am keeping the intermediate housing and OMC outdrive, need those for my boat.
    Surely someone needs some hull and trim parts? This was used fresh water only, so only minor corrosion. It has the intake vents on either side about a foot or two from windshield, similar vents aft, gas tank fill in starboard side, has a 45 gallon aluminum tank. That should help with identifying and making sure it is the same as yours, if you want some of these parts. The hull goes to the landfill end of next month.
  2. KCAztec73
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    KCAztec73 Junior Member

    Parting out....

    Do you still have the windshield from that boat? I'm restoring a '73 that was damaged in a tornado last spring and I need to replace the windshield and horn assembly and I'll be water ready.

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