1967 Starcraft 16' fibreglass boat refit

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by dean2988, May 10, 2016.

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    dean2988 New Member

    Looking for some tips on applying fibreglass: can an oil base paint be used to 'cure' the glass on the floor. I know gelcoat with a wax can be used but it's expensive and I'm on a fairly tight budget. Also, what can be used for making filler/fairing compound. I've read that wood flour, white flour or fibreglass dust can be used to thicken the resin. Any advice would be great. Can this filler be used around the 'ribs' for strength.
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  2. gonzo
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    Oil base paint over gelcoat will make a sticky mess. Wax is not very expensive. Also, you can buy resin and gelcoat with wax already in them. Usually the price is the same. Using flour to thicken the resin is also a bad idea. The filler is a structural material. I am not sure where or how you want to use filler for strength.
  3. dean2988
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    Sorry, I wasn't clear on this but the paint would be used to cover the fibreglass not gel coat. Thanks for the reply Gonzo
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    Welcome to the forum.

    'Glass is stuck down with one of three resin systems reliability. Some have tried other methods, none that I've seen work. Gel coat is a top coat, much like paint, just made of plastic instead.

    Yes, you can paint over cured 'glass with oil based paints. You can also use acrylic (latex) or other types of paint (polyurethane, LPU, etc.) to finish off a 'glassed surface.

    Gel coat will be the hardest and most durable product, with various types of paint following to lesser degrees, depending on type. You can even use truck bed liner as the top coat which will offer good under foot traction when it's wet and slippery with fish guts.

  5. mickyryan
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    that bed liner material is pretty good stuff,we have had several different types in our pool business but the very best looking finish I have found so far was line x it is very nice finish wise , who knows maybe other liner material can look as good depending on how its applied sprayed compared to rolled.
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