1964 Wood Boat to be used as playground- Paint question

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mookerblu, Jun 21, 2016.

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    I have a 31' 1964 Arundel Wood Boat- I wanted to turn it into a playground for my son. The amount of time and money to restore this beauty for water is just too much.
    We have a 1997 Searay 330 (obviously fiberglass) so I have no idea where to even start with refinishing this boat.

    Since the boat will not be going back in the water, I had a question about what kind of paint to use on the hull and topsides. I have no idea what kind of paint is on there now. I am not against using a marine paint, but was wondering if there was an alternative.

    I was just going to lightly sand (as it is peeling now) and I suppose I should prime it again. The gunwales seem to have a layer of fiberglass over them where there was some previous rot. I also have an electric planer that I might run over some spots. Again this just needs to be pretty, not watertight.

    Also if anyone has any thoughts/tips on products/methods for refinishing the teak/mahogany interior, please leave them here.

    There are a few wood piece I am going to replace on the hull, but some of the wood on topside (near windows) seems too rotted and difficult to replace, Is there something I can use (fiberglass, wood filler) to patch the trouble areas?


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Repair it just like you would your house and paint it the same way. A primer is a good idea, as you don't know what you have on there, so it's better safe than sorry. Acrylic paints will do fine, as will the usually exterior wood fillers.

    The deck and cabin will fare the worst in this living arrangement, as sweet water will drip down and pool in all the places you'll find the most rot. Consider cutting some holes below the soles to let this water out, in the very lowest portions of the hull.
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    1964 paint question?

    Yes, that boat is probably full of lead paint.

    Lead paint is a big threat to kids because its chemically similar to calcium, so their growing bones latch on to it.

    Kids also ingest more lead because they play harder and don't mind playing on the floor, unlike adults with stiff knees and nice clothes, and kids like finger foods.

    They say lead paint can be encapsulated in normal house conditions with a few good coats of non-lead paint....but on a kid's play structure???
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