1959 Penn Yan Magellan Restoration Status & Questions

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by gillam77, Apr 27, 2010.

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    I posted months ago as a newbie, curious as to how to offer this boat a new life.
    1959 Penn Yan Magellan -Lapstrake oak on mahogany
    Project Requirements
    1. Remove a thought-less previous repair. Were a piece of plywood sandwiched foam in a can against a three inch puncture to the hull;
    2. Replace all ribs;
    3. Remove the first layer of laminate of plywood planks (due to rot) and epoxy veneer to entire bilge;
    4. Replace gunwales;
    5. Render repair to transom (someone had chopped the transom enable to attach a short shaft engine);
    6. Replace the stem in the area of the bow ring;
    7. Refasten the entire hull; and
    8. Install a teak and holy deck.

    Project Status

    Last post, I had just found the thought-less repair mentioned and sought advice how to address. Since then, a local unemployed shipwright has sought and hired part-time to begin the list created above.

    Current Project Status
    1. Over 100 bungs were epoxyed into all the screw holes of the thought-less repair and vaneered on the interior. The surrounding area was found to be in great condion.
    2. Half of the ribs have been replaced. (every other one)
    3. 80% of the bilge has a layer of veneer.
    4. No progress.
    5. A piece has been scarfed in.
    6. The stem near the bow ring has been removed. A Rabbet joint and scarf joint remains.
    7. The hull has been refastened were each rib has been replaced.


    1. How much will this boat be worth when it is complete in 2011?
    2. I understand the serial # may be somewhere on the stem. If so, where?

    I'll keep everyone update.
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    Enjoyed reading of your restoration! I am hard at work on the same boat, so may be of some help. For starters, the serial number will be on the top of the transom, stamped on the port side. If your Magellan has small 'tail-fins", it is a Magellan with the "Hi-style" option, and the first three letters of the serial number will be "CEF", followed by three digits, in all likelihood. I wish I could answer the question of what the boat will be worth, but as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, value/price is whatever the buyer is willing to pay on any given day. I've already resigned myself to the fact that what my boat is worth is likely nowhere near what I have into it. . .as is the case with many projects that are done for the enjoyment more so than the financial rewards. All the best on your project,a nd let me know if I can be of any help. I'll do the best I can.
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    Wow! Thanks or the information. I am taking a hiatus from the project until the fall. I can make out some of the serial number but not entirely.

    Where are you in your restoration? While I am a ways from doing interior, I would love to see picture if you have anything that would be helpful in terms of returning the interior configuration to it original.

    I'm happy to share pictures as well. My email address is gillam77@hotmail.com


  4. gillam77
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    I have finished with replacing the top layer of laminate within the interior of the entire boat. The interior now has had half of all ribs replaced with many of the other half of the original ribs removed. Now am applying fillets along all the lapstrakes and then will steam and install the rest of the ribs (16). Before I install the ribs I am going to coat the entire interior with wood sealer. Once the ribs are in place I will coat the entire interior with clear epoxy and varnish.

    I am excited as the entire interior now looks new and a bit of a turning point in the project.
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