1947 Monk Bridge Deck Cruiser

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by johnjohn, Jan 17, 2007.

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    I just bought a shell of a boat for peanuts. Wheelhouse/cabin included. It's been out of the water for 6 years. Above and below the waterline it's boards have been reefed , refastened(silicone bronze), caulked(above the waterline) and all rotten boards are gone. Below the waterline needs re-caulking. Can anyone who's done this type of thing before get in touch with me? I'm 33 years old...I am a decent carpenter... and I've been around boats my whole life...but my closest purchase ever, volume-wise, is the Tercel I drive. What am I up against? I'll show pictures when I get them. I have a feeling I'm in for a life-long work. I don't mind that. Just want some advice.
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    Pictures! We want pictures --
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    Hire someone to caulk your boat. This person should come very well recommended as it's a skill that must be learned with the hands and ears. A book can tell you the process, but the learned skills (feel for the caulk and sound of the iron) are difficult to describe.

    Yes, you are in for a long haul of cussing, drinking and crying about the boat. Welcome to the world of old wooden yachts.

    The hull shell is about 20% of the total output necessary to have a floating craft that moves, steers and works as we'd like them to. The real costs will be fitting out the interior, mechanical systems, engine(s), transmission(s), running gear (struts, shafts, props, etc.), plumbing systems (there's more then one), electrical system(s), electronics, instrumentation, steering, etc. I hope you're starting with more then a shell. Pricing engines alone is enough to make you insure it heavily and wish lighting would strike and burn her down.

    You're going to want to have a friend who is a boat carpenter (or hire them) and have them give her a good look see. I'm sure you can do the work, but boat carpenter is different from cabinet making (which doesn't have to float and keep you from drowning) so you'll need some pointers and assistance from time to time.

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    Did this boat get repaired?
    I realize this is an old post.
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