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17' Power Catamaran Boat Molds For Sale

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by RevoRow, Oct 7, 2016.

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    RevoRow New Member

    Due to health problems, I am selling my molds for a 17' long power catamaran. All parts and pieces are located in Gainesville, GA, with the exception of the deck welding fixture, which is in Greenville, SC.

    The sale includes:

    (1) 17' long female pontoon mold
    (1) 17' long male vacuum pontoon mold
    (1) female console mold (set up for resin infusion)
    (1) 17' long deck frame welding fixture
    (1) JMR manual tube bender with 1" X 2.5" Rectangular Die
    (1) Partial mill order of 1" X 2.5" X .0625 wall rectangular aluminum tube
    All relevant jigs and fixtures that I currently have for the boat
    All directions I have for making the boats

    If you and your buddies have fiberglass experience and aluminum welding experience, here is your opportunity to make your own boats for pennies on the dollar. This would be a great reservoir/fishing boat, as it does not produce a lot of wake, it does not need a large motor to get going AND it gets you high up off the water.

    I originally formed the pontoons from a plastic material, which is why there is a "male vacuum mold." If you would like, I can put you in touch with the folks that do this, however, fair warning is that it is going to be a significant investment to do plastic. I have an example of the plastic pontoon if you would like to see it. You would be much better off making fiberglass pontoons from the female pontoon mold if you want to keep things cheap. The female pontoon mold is ready for parts, BUT, because it was used to make the male vacuum mold, we did not spend a ton of time refining the surface finish of this mold. The parts that we formed from plastic had the male mold touching the inside of the parts, so the surface finish of the female mold to produce the male mold was not 100% critical. The upside is that only 1 part has ever been pulled from the female pontoon mold.

    The console mold is absolutely flawless. It has only had 18 parts pulled from it ever and it is set up for resin infusion if you choose to do so. Produces a nice big console that keeps you out of the wind.

    The deck welding fixture is made of steel and was set up to make up to 17 foot long frames from 1" X 2.5" aluminum tube. It currently makes 6 foot wide frames, but it can be easily modified to go wider. This fixture works great for making arrow straight deck frames. The fixture is located in Greenville, SC and not Gainesville, GA. The fixture is not pictured, but one of the completed deck frames is.

    I also have enough leftover aluminum to make about 12 more deck frames. This aluminum comes with a JMR manual tube bender with a 1" X 2.5" die to bend the aluminum if you so choose.

    I also have a number of jigs and fixtures that I will include in the sale as well as partial instructions for how I built the boats.

    I have over $30,000 in everything, but I cannot hold on to them and it is costing me money to store them. Please make an offer, but please make a fair offer. I am realistic, but not desperate. Be realistic on a fair price with me! Thank you. Call Jim at 7705619995

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