148 Foot Superyacht Catamaran

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    ...this is 'beyond' just a multihull, so I put it in the general Yacht design discussion !!

    Nahema's 148 foot Fenomen

    Following in the virtual wake of the Nahema 120, comes the advancement of another ambitious project by Nahema of France. They are building a large luxurious sailing catamaran by the name Fenomen. With the blue hulled 120 footer to splash in 2009, this cat will probably be further into the future in terms of launching.

    The Fenomen is to be 148 feet LOA and offer a huge beam of over 50 feet while only drawing just under 10 feet of water at minimum. She is to be powered by 2 X 1,000 HP engines with 2 X 80 KVA GEN SETS. The Naval Architect on this project is Gilles Vaton and the interior designer Franck Darnet.

    If you ever saw a stylish looking Cat, well the Fenomen would have to be one of them. Clean, curvy and undisturbed lines describe this piece of sailing machine. Other features of this yacht include a touch and go heli-pad for a helicopter, small pool at the aft, dual-control navigation stations on the stylish Fly-Bridge and teak covered decks.

    The Fenomen will carry a sloop rig with a dominating mast ensuring plenty of sail carriage. To the fore of the mast will exist a large trampoline region and relaxation area. Strategically placed sun-pads and mats will keep the outdoor space interesting for guests. Small doors at the aft conceal PWC equipment while the touch and go heli-pad can be used as a submersible bathing platform.

    On the other hand the stylishly designed cockpit and saloon area will have its interior space occupied by minimal, modern and contemporary furniture and accessories. Lavish wooden floors coupled with semi upholstered ceilings will create a luxurious interior.


    Here are revised statistics on the Fenomen:

    LOA: 148.00 feet
    LWL: 137.00 feet
    BOA: 52.50 feet
    Draught: 9.70 feet (minimum) ; 17.70 feet w/ centerboard (maximum)
    Engines: 2 X 1,000 HP
    Generators: 2 X 80 KVA
    Fuel: 2 x 10000 ltrs - plus 2 x 300 l (daily tank)
    Water: Fresh water : 2 x 4000 ltrs
    Naval Architect: Gilles Vaton
    Interior Designer: Franck Darnet


  2. lazeyjack

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    who ever said the world was running out of fuel?
    I think there should be rules in place to stop rich people using a squillion times more than their fare share
    And I am fair dinkum about this Traller boats with 700 hp on the back, stupid, and here we are talking about changing from incandecant to Fluero just to save a few cents
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    The design doesn't seem to be practical. For the same foot print, a normal megayacht has more accomidations. From what I have seen, the rich fokes seem to avoid the sun. (only their call girls lay around in the sun) The deck space is not protected so of limited use for them.

    It seems to be a limited design mentality "make it bigger so it is better".

    Of course, I will pick their idea and put a landing pad on the back of my 14 m cat. Maybe that will attract a UFO.
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    It often seems that 'practicality' does not enter the equation....but rather flash and size, particularly with 'superyachts'

    Two years ago I had a 2 person partnership that wanted to build a 120 version of my 65 mast-aft design, without the fishing chair....for day sailing the Med with two crew and average group of 7-8 people onboard. I tried to encourage them to limit the size to 85-90 feet.

    Good luck, just don't let them kidnap you. :rolleyes:
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