12V LCD Monitor Power Supply??

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by olivermr, Mar 16, 2009.

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    There are a lot of DC/DC Converters of various Power Ratings that have a Wide range of DC input Voltages, that deliver Regulated 12 Vdc outputs. I use some 15 watt Blocks that have a 8-18 VDC Input, and deliver 12 Vdc Regulated Output at 1200 ma output. These come in Isolated and un-Isolated versions. These would happily run a small 12 Vdc LCD Panel and they are in the 90% efficient range, so they are not to hard on the existing system.
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    I have been running loads of 12V specified equipment including cameras, PC's monitors straight of the boats 12V (12-14.4V :) ) supply without any issues whatsoever. Used to make my own 12 V regulators in the past but binned them all. Works just fine for me without them.
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    I'd at least use an inductor/capacitor or inductor/battery filter + zener diode or varistor (as TerryKing mentioned). I'd use a boost/buck voltage regulator if I suspected that the equipment needed exactly 12V.

    Depending on what other equipment there is, 12V systems can get some big voltage spikes.

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    A dusty old thread where the original poster never responded, but it somehow it stays alive!

    I have a TV set made by a Chinese company called "nFren", part of the furniture of my RV. Works perfectly with a running engine (14 V) and also with a fully charged battery, but as soon as there is the slightest dip, caused by opening the fridge or switching something on, the fluorescent tube the provides the LCD back-lighting switches off. Switching the TV off and on again is the only way to get the picture back.

    So using electronics from 'raw' 12 V isn't always that easy.
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